Dec 26

So, Your Dog Doesn’t Listen And Obey Your Commands. Learn This And He Will.

OBEDIENCE TRAINING is a great way to enhance communication between you & your dog. Yet, if it’s not built on a strong foundation of a healthy relationship (with you as ‘Pack Leader’), then it won’t give you that full control, nor your dog that ‘off leash freedom’ – that you’re working towards. Earning/Establishing yourself as your dog’s PACK LEADER empowers you to lead your dog regardless of the circumstances, rather it’s: aggression, insecurity, fear, anxiety, temptation/distractions, uncontrollable excitement, excessive barking, jumping, destructiveness, disobedience, etc. PACK LEADER leads (calls the shots) & FOLLOWER follows (obeys). If your dog is not obeying your trained obedience commands, it’s either due to a lack of training – or a lack of Leadership – usually it’s due to both.

OBEDIENCE TRAINING with out ‘LEADERSHIP’ is like teaching your kid manners with no authority to enforce it. Be the Leader your dog needs, and your dog will eagerly obey & follow you.

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