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Have you ever taken your Dog out to the park, out for a quick stroll around the block, or just had friends over at the house and dealt with any of these frustrations:

  • Your dog walking you,  pulling on the leash like he’s crazy, or just refusing to walk
  • Your dog  jumping on everyone and everything seen and embarrassing you in the process
  • The complete nightmare of  trying to get your dog back after he runs away?

These can be fun games…for your dog.

But don’t get too worked up, there is hope.

Here at Disciple Dogs we  specialize in providing premium quality in-home dog training services ranging from potty-training, obedience lessons to behavior consultations for problem behaviors like hyper-activity, aggression, and anxiety disorders.

Dog Training Fort Myers

We’ve successfully changed bad behaviors into “Lassie Like” manners in countless dogs and we can do the same for you so that you can actually stop stressing out over the small things like where your dog pees, if she’s going to scare people, or if children will be safe around your dog.

Is My Dog Too Old To Be Trained?

 The good ole, can’t teach an old dog new tricks, line. Well, we have to admit. It’s tougher to teach older dogs and the best time to have your dog trained is as a puppy.

Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because behavioural patterns  repeat and are imprinted in neural pathways in the brain.

There is an arbitrary threshold at which the pain or destructiveness of doing something conflicts with the negative tendencies of any habit. It is this threshold point that The Habit Code is based around. According to author Bill Borcherdt, the best time to correct a bad habit is immediately, before it becomes established. So, bad habits are best prevented from developing in puppy-hood.  In a nutshell, it’s easier to prevent a bad habit than it is to break one. However, there are many techniques for removing bad habits once they have become established. One example is withdrawal of reinforcers—identifying and removing the factors which trigger the habit and encouraging its persistence. We have successfully helped many older dogs to eliminate bad behavior habits and replace them with good behavior habits and are confident that we can do the same for you. Please give us a call and take advantage of our “Free Consultation” so that we can discuss your dogs behavior patterns.

Cape Coral Dog Trainer Why Is My Dog’s Behavior Sooooo Bad?

What is the reason that some dogs behave like Lassie and yet, others behave like Cujo? Why is it that some dogs jump all over people the moment they see them and others remain on all fours, waiting patiently to be petted? Why do some dogs leap onto the furniture, while others know that it’s a forbidden land?

The resason and solution is actually quite clear. We discovered it by trying numerous training theories on hundreds of different dogs and it has nothing to do with clicker training, bribing your dog, or strict punishment.

Most dogs misbehave simply because they have never formed the habit of good behavior.


What Does Disciple Dogs Do? Dog Training Cape Coral FL

NATURE VS. NURTURE:  Many focus on just one or the other (for governing a dog’s behavior).  The truth is, both (nature and nurture) are responsible (working together) with in your dog’s behavior.  EXAMPLE:  A particular dog’s nature may be skiddish, dominant, etc.  Yet, nurture (experiences) either intensify, or desensitize these behaviors.   DISCIPLE DOGS works to identify your dog’s individual NATURE, and teaches owners the best NURTURE to bring out the best behavior in their dog.

Now there are alot of specialized and confusing w/in conflicting training methods out there, but when you really boil it down there is nothing mysterious or complicated about it. Over time, like many industries, the marketing methods have sometimes overshadowed the goal. But the goal is simple – the goal is always to have a balanced, happy, fulfilled, obedient dog.  That goal begins with you, for you can’t give (create/teach) what you don’t have; changing your dog’s behavior, begins with changing your’s.  ‘LEADERSHIP’ is no new method.  It does not promise results with out work.  But it does promise the best relationship with your dog beyond any quick fix ‘training method’.  ‘Buck’ the famous horse whisper, and Cesar the famous dog whisper are great examples.  DISCIPLE DOG’S goal is to guide you to this in synced bond with your dog.

Here at Disciple Dogs we first conduct a FREE Consultation in order to determine your dog’s pack status – and YOURS!  Point out what areas your behavior needs to be changed in order to change your dog’sbehavior.  And if you need help with in making those changes, is when you have the opportunity to sign up for In Home training sessions.


No biggie. Have your dog’s habit/behavior changed with professional training (boot camp) and then learn to re-enforce/enforce the habit/behavior with in our free take home lesson, and how to maintain the behavior with in our free follow up.   After our Boot Camp, you’ll spend much more time leading your dog with in harmony than in power struggles. The path to a fulfilled relationship with your dog exists, and we can direct your steps towards that path.

It’s amazing to see your dog come back after being trained and watching in complete awe as he completely obeys your simple commands.  Eagerly, willingly, and with spirit.

 Contact us to begin a new path/journey for you & your dog. Ask for Breezy!!