DISCIPLE DOGS is a Christian based business and established on a strong foundation of philosophy & principles – that are not only applicable to your dog, but also to your life. Even more, your dog’s specific behavioral problems may be a microscope with in these applications to your life.

Dogs, like humans, were designed to adapt: adapt to climates, adapt to environments, adapt to circumstances, adapt to social hierarchies; adapt to change for survival & harmony.

Yet, most dogs adapt as ‘PACK LEADER’ with in their human pack by default, only because this position is not fulfilled by their humans. Even more, the specific areas where their humans most lack Leadership, are often the specific areas most dogs have behavioral problems with in.

In a nutshell, your dog is an expression of you. He/she is analyzing your emotions (energy) at all times, and expressing them with in his/her behavior.

Once ‘their humans’ change their behavior & fulfill the role as a balanced Pack Leader, most dogs change their behavior & are relieved to take on the role as a balanced follower.

Yet, it takes work: patience & persistence – the makings of a PACK LEADER. Leadership must be earned, yet with in so you & your dog will journey together along a path towards balancing & fulfilling each other.

“We don’t get the dog we want, but the dog we need.” – Cesar Millan

Explore our website, learn about PACK MENTALITY (Canine Psychology), observe how it applies to your dog’s behavior (and yours with in relation to your dog), apply the ‘PACK PRINCIPLES’ (described on our site), and contact us for a FREE consultation if you & your dog need us for additional information and or help.

Breezy & the Pack at Disciple Dogs




PROFILE:  Successful small business owner with over 10 yrs of experience in multiple fields of canine services.  Holds multiple professional-level certifications &/or experience from  accredited institutions as a Canine Behaviorist, Training Specialist,  Police Canine Training, Canine Search & Rescue, Pet First Aid, and CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Evaluator  .    Currently & passionately  owns & operates  Disciple Dogs, which specializes in basic-advanced training and behavior modification.  Training philosophy and success was featured in the NEWS PRESS – pls view ad clicking ‘NEWS PRESS AD’ w/in menu.


  • Certified Canine Behaviorist & Training Specialist – Triple Crown Academy, Hutto, TX
  • Certified Dog Trainer, ABCDT – Animal Behavioral College. Northridge, Califonia
  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluator – AKC
  • Pet Saver – Pet Tech
  • Special Training in Police Canine Training, Search & Rescue,  and Protection – Tarheel Canine Inc- Sanford, NC


I’m often asked, “How did you get into this profession?”

Honestly, primarily the same reason you’re viewing this website. I began with a dog who needed some training – so I’ve walked in your shoes! Most of my dog’s behavioral problems were due to my mistakes – lack of LEADERSHIP. Which is 98 % the cause of my clients problems with their dogs. Upon pursuing my training journey to resolve my dog’s behavioral problems, it took me 6 yrs. until I found the solution. From Trainers to Trainers, group classes, techniques, books, videos, collars, head halters, leashes, treats, etc. You name it we’ve tried it. Even with in different ‘Dog Training Schools’ – learned much but still not the solution to our problem.

So, it started with a problem dog, and with in pursuing training for him, I felt God gave me a great & strong, legate passion with in the field. So I pursued it. 9 yrs. later here I am, still passionate, and grateful to teach others what I & my dog have journeyed so long & far to learn.

In regards to my problem dog: His name is Cody; he is one of my oldest & greatest friend & teacher. He is a German Shepherd and about 10 yrs. old now. His behavioral issues were aggression towards people & esp. dogs.   I had trainers tell me that he would never be social with other dogs. AND now, he has canine friends! Pictures included.

Don’t believe it can’t be done; the opportunity exists. It just takes FAITH & perseverance – and LEADERSHIP. That was the missing link through our journey. None of the other training resolved it, until we learned & applied balance through balanced Leadership. And Cody is much more happy – esp. having canine companionship. If we can do it – so can you, and we’d be honored to help if needed.

Live in FAITH, not Doubt/Fear – create your circumstances, don’t let them create you, or your dog.



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