Customer Name: John R.
Subject: Great Trainer

I recently got the pleasure of meeting Breezy at Pet Smart for a beginer training class for my dobermine Max, I can’t say enough about her professionalism and positive energy, she was patient with all the dogs in the class and took the time necessary to train not only the dogs but maybe more importantly the owners so they understood what the dog was thinking….Dog psychology. I later adopted a stray Malamut (Shelby) who tested my patients to the breaking point and I again knew who to call, Breezy came in and took control of Me and Shelby and showed us what we needed to do. Me to relax and Shelby to listen. After a few visits we both were differant animals, again her excitment for what she does is infectious, the dogs looked forward to seeing Breezy and they responded very well to the training, they are safer and happier because of Breezy and that’s what it’s all about – our puppies happiness.

If you are in need of a Trainer look no further then Breezy and DISCIPLE DOGS!!!

Cesar watch out theres a new girl in town! Thank you so much again.

Customer Name: Michael M.
Subject: Great Service

Breezy at Disciple Dogs has been coming to my house daily for over a year and walking my dog, Casper. I work long hours and this is a service that has been great. She comes into my home each and every day and I have never had to worry about any problems what so ever. I had to go out of town for work and she took Casper to her home. Breezy and her service is fantastic. I would recommend her to anybody. She is very knowledgeable, a true professional and dogs love her and she loves dogs. Breezy is the BEST!

Customer Name: Betsy R.
Subject: Excellent dog trainer

Breezy was recommended by a friend we trained with who has search and rescue dogs. She said Breezy was the only person she would trust with her dogs. We have used her, and will use her again to board our animals overnight and really appreciate how well she cares for them. We have also had her do in home training, with great results. We have large dogs, one an incorrigible, huge, year old headstrong puppy. We had behavior issues with all of them and had to keep the males separated. We also have a toddler. Since working with Breezy, they are a pack and we are in control. Its been a miraculous change. The males that we used to separate now sleep and walk together with the female. I,the 62 yr old grandma, can actually walk all three of them together by myself! Mealtimes and daily life are now peaceful. Breezy taught me leadership skills that I didn’t know I needed that have carried over into other areas of my life. Thank you, Breezy, for restoring sanity in our home! I highly recommend your services!

Customer Name: April
Subject: A Wonderful Employee and Friend

Disciple Dogs dog sitting and training has been a complete lifesaver. I will start by telling you a little about my pack. I have a 1 year old Boston Terrier, a 2 year old Boston Terrier, and a 14 year old Beagle. The 1 year old Boston is a rescue with several issues including anxiety and food aggression. The 2 year old Boston has hyperactivity issues with jumping and licking. The 14 year old beagle is deaf and has issues with his hips and arthritis. Disciple Dogs has helped me work with these behavioral problems and more such as separation anxiety, jumping, walking techniques, food anxiety, and establishing the pack leader. Breezy respects any requests I may have such as “no walks” or “special treats.” Breezy is also the most reliable dog sitter I have ever had the pleasure of having. She is completely flexible, respects last minute schedule changes, and makes time for telephone consults.

 Up until this point, I have described qualities that most businesses in the area have. However, Breezy goes above and beyond the normal dog trainer and dog sitter.

She offers advice on helping your dog be a better dog as well as how you can be a better pack leader – without you having to ask. She has gone out of her way to call and check on my dogs when they have been sick or injured. She offers a variety of activities for my pack such as walks, rollerblading, playing with the water hose, and throwing around the Frisbee in the backyard. She doesn’t just show up and let the dogs out; she actually engages them and has fun with them. I believe she genuinely cares about my dogs as she does her own. In addition, I have never felt uncomfortable knowing that Breezy would be alone at my home unsupervised, and this is a priceless commodity. You cannot trust just anyone to come into your home and take care of your animals. Personally, it takes a special kind of person to win me over. Breezy has dealt with me forgetting to leave things out for the dogs, forgetting the schedule, and just plain being ridiculous. In light of these moments, she was completely professional and never rude or condescending. I would recommend Breezy and Disciple Dogs to my friends, family, and neighbors in a heartbeat. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Customer Name: DENISE
Subject: Doggy Door

Me and my husband put up a doggy door; that part was easy. Getting our two year old dog to use it proved to be more difficult then we anticipated, so we researched many articles online and as expected all suggested lots of patient and tasty snacks should do the trick. However, Nemo was too scared of the door and clueless of what we wanted him to do so we decided to call a dog trainer, she assured my husband over the phone that this would be easy and she would need no more then a two hour session to get the job done, so we booked the next available appointment for our untrainable dog. Breezy came to our house and I was not buying that she would be able to train him. Well in just 45 min she got him to go through the door, it was amazing how she understood our dog and how he took a liking to her, not only did she train him but she gave us pointers on how to keep him focused. Breezy is a great dog trainer. Now he only knows one way in and out of the house. Thank you Denise and Jack

Customer Name: Stan and Karen
Subject: The Only Trainer/Sitter For Us..

We first met Breezy at Petsmart .She was our instructor for beginners classes..We were so impressed by her skill with all the assorted dogs in class we decided to seek her out for in home training. She came for several weeks and was always willing to work around our schedules. We were most interested in being able to walk our Standard Poodle Cinnamon without her pulling on the leash. In no time at all Breezy had US trained..She showed us how to take charge and be the pack leaders Cinny needed..We then moved on to other commands and had the most enjoyable sessions..We now walk with Cinny at our heels and we all have a happy healthy walk..Breezy is also our sitter when we go away..We never have to worry about Cinny at all..With Breezy’s background we know she can handle any situation..We feel very confortable with her..We also call Breezy when we need some advice..We were planning a party at our home recently and were not sure how to handle Cinny with about 20 people she did not know..Breezy counseled us on exactly what to do..We followed her directions and we and all our guests were amazed at the results..A fantastic time was had by all..and we owe it all to Breezy..Need a trainer or sitter? Then Breezy will be the only one for you too.

Customer Name: Faustino T.
Subject: Job Well Done

I saw the light when I found Brezze. She came with magic. My 90 lb LAB was never trained right from the first Day she walked onto my driveway. I noticed the difference Brezze is so full of knowledge that it is so easy to just follow and learn her training. Her skills are spectacular. I Thank God for Brezze…she is always smiling and gives a positive answer to all my Questions. Keep up the good work.

Customer Name: Jim & Gloria F.
Subject: Excellent Dog Trainer and Sitter

My wife and I are owners of two Newfoundlands. We first met Breezy a little over a year ago when one of our dogs had some behaviour issues. Breezy worked with us to resolve the problems and in that time I learned a great deal from her on how to maintain a balanced and happy pack. In all the time she has spent with us and our dogs she has been helpful, knowledgable and always cheerful. We also leave our dogs with Breezy when we travel and I am always comfortable knowing that they are being cared for and given love and attention you would never expect from a typical boarding situation. We think of our dogs as part of our family and have come to think of Breezy as part of the extended family also. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with training and problem issues. I don’t think she will disappoint you.

Customer Name: Kathy & John M.
Subject: Our Guardian Angel 

What can we say about Breeze – what can’t we say. We have or had 4 minature schnauzers and 1 mixed breed. As some of you may know how protective and guarded the schnauzers are, they all have there own distinct personalities. I got Breeze’s name from my neighbor and I decided to give her a call. I called her for an interview and she came over, I opened the door and saw this tiny angel standing in front of me, I had visions of her being knocked down by the pack or maybe even intimated but she walked in and the dogs went nuts – she just stood there and they jumped up and smelt her up and down, within minutes they were calm and collected. I was thinking what was that all about, how did she manage to control them so soon. She became there house sitter from that moment on, its going on six years now. Breeze knows her dogs, she is very informative and caring to all of them. We TRUST her with our dogs and with our home. We are very confident that she will make other people love her like we do.

Customer Name: Tracy
Subject: The South Florida Dog Whisperer 

Breezy’s Skill and Trustworthiness was so obvious to me when I met her that I felt comfortable Trusting her with my most valuable possessons, my K9 Partners.

Customer Name: Linda and Carlos G.
Subject: Trust

My husband and I decided to get the biggest puppy we could find and got ourselves a Great Dane, who sure lives up to his breed’s name! However, I’m only 5’1” and, well, walking him was becoming more than impossible and I was beginning to be more of an additional toy to our boy Tiny than his owner…that is until we were referred to Breezy. Breezy came to our rescue and within the first session Tiny was beginning to walk more like a follower than a leader. In addition, Breezy has really helped get Tiny’s puppy behavior under control as a simple puppy frenzy can be a BIG problem with a Great Dane. Breezy has really helped Tiny become a true asset and joy to our family. She has great ideas and is really patient (not with just the dogs but the owners who I think are the ones that really get the training), positive, and professional. She is so great we trusted her to watch our big boy over a vacation break…which left us with no worries (I think Tiny was more depressed to leave her than his own family)! We truly recommend Breezy for anyone looking for some training, I know that we definitely will use her again as now she has become a friend and not just a trainer.

Customer Name: Joe Le C.
Subject: Breezy 

We found that Breezy has a natural calling with dogs. Our Australian Shepherd “Teal’C” (Tealk) was a stubborn sort. With Breezy’s patience, he is now a wonderful addition to our family!

Customer Name: Crystal
Subject: The Only One I Trust! 

I researched and spoke with several people before I called Breezy, but once I called her and spoke with her, I knew immediately it was her that I wanted to help me with my dog (Dawg). I was having aggressive behavioral problems with one of my dogs and we were also leaving town and I needed someone to watch them. With Breezy’s wisdom, knowledge and support I am able to control my dog and I know what to do with her before she gets out of control. I also trust no one but HER to watch them. She is experienced and not afraid of my dogs, and I trust her when she says she will show up on time. She really is the Female dog whisperer of South Florida!! I HIGHLY recommend her when it comes to the needs of your beloved family members!

Customer Name: Randy Thomas W.
Subject: Great Dane 

Breezy from Disciple Dogs in an awesome trainer! She took our giant Great Dane puppy and taught her manners and obedience. She showed my 14 year old daughter how to control such a big animal and be in control which was amazing to see.  I recently took our dog to a dog park and was able to easily assimilate and make new dog friends because Breezy had trained her with her own pack in how to socialize with other dogs. Malibu is the best dog in the world, and even more so because of the training and tips that Breezy gave us on how to be in control and be consistent with our training. She is truly a dog whisperer!”

Thank you Breezy!

Customer Name: Cary H.
Subject: Love Breezy!!

I’m a first time pet owner with a Great Dane! Everyone thought I was crazy, so I had to find the best trainer to prove I could handle it 🙂 Breezy is wonderful! Storm and I started with her when she was 12 weeks old and two months later I feel like a pro. Walking her is such a joy. Never in my life did I ever think I’d be able to walk a dog, let alone a Great Dane, without holding firmly onto the leash if not with two hands hoping another dog doesn’t walk by. I can actually let the leash hang across my shoulders and not even hold onto it with my hand and she walks right with me!! It’s amazing and so fulfilling as an owner. My relationship with dogs will forever be changed thanks to her. Breezy is the best and I’m very thankful for what she has done for me and my family. As a mom of two young boys and a very busy schedule I was still able to create a successful relationship with my dog and that is all thanks to her knowledge and guidance. I love Disciple Dogs! Thank you Breezy!